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The Facullty of Engineering was the first faculty founded at the Prince of Songkla University (PSU) in June 1967. The aim was to satisfy the need for engineers in various national and regional development programs, and especially, in the southern region of Thailand. 

In her embryonic phase, the Faculty was granted a temporary site in Bangkok. In May 1971, the main Faculty building was completed in the district of Khor Hong, Hat Yai city, Songkla province, and the first group of students were transferred to their new home. The "Satang Mongkolsook Building", the main Engineering Faculty building named after a late imminent PSU President, occupies an area of over eight acres; and is the heart of the Faculty. 

In 1971, the Faculty consisted of three core departments: the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. This has now grown to seven departments. The four more recent departments are the Departments of Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining and Materials Engineering, and Computer Engineering. Each department conducts a four-year Bachelor of Engineering programmes. Since 1997 , four new programmes in Environmental Engineering, Production Engineering, Meterials Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering have been set up. First year  students are taught subjects basic to all branches of engineering. In general, at the end of their first year, the students may choose to continue their studies in one of the eleven courses. The outcome of their choices is based on their preferences and their first year's academic performance. 

Beside teaching sound technical aspects of engineering, the Faculty also equips students with practical knowledge, as well as an awareness of social and environmental problems which can be vital to the community and their professional careers. In-House Pratical Training, mostly during the second year summer vacation, is complementary; while Industrial Training, mostly during the third year summer vacation, is compulsory. 

About 750 new undergraduate students are admitted annually, bringing the total number in the Faculty to about 2,000 students. In the 36 years since its inception, the Faculty has altogether produced approximately 5,500 engineering graduates. 

In an effort to enhance knowledge and research in engineering, the Faculty is gearing towards post-graduate studies. At present, the Faculty offers 8 Doctoral degree programmes and 12 Master degree programmes, See more detail in Academic Programs